Hospital Visits

Accredited volunteers make on-site visits to parents whose children have been diagnosed with heart defects or are undergoing treatment. Patients receive Care Bags, stuffed animals and other treats and a visit from parents who understand the challenges of caring for a child in the hospital. Hospital covid restrictions have changed our ability to visit in person. In-person visit will occur as the hospital allows. To schedule a visit please call 1.800.397.1174 or email

Internet and Phone Visits

Talk to someone who “Gets it.” Connect with other parents with a child who has a similar diagnosis through the Facebook Group. 

The IHH Facebook Group is for registered IHH Members who are parents and direct caregivers of children with heart conditions and for adults with CHD's. Much of the group's interaction takes place online where members can interact, discuss heart related issues, laugh, cry, and find support. To join the conversation, please complete the Membership Application, then request to join the IHH Facebook GroupIf you are not a direct caregiver or adult with a CHD, please "Like" our Facebook Page or watch the website to receive updates and information about IHH.

Events and Activities

IHH holds events and activities throughout the year where families can come together to learn, celebrate, and support one another.  

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Bereavement Support

In addition to what IHH offers for those families that have children living with CHD’s, IHH also offers a Facebook Group just for Angel families and activities for those Angel Families that are dealing or have dealt with the passing of their loved one. Our grief can feel overwhelming at times…our hearts may feel shattered and broken. We may feel the need to share our grief with others, in a nonjudgmental, open forum. Perhaps we would like to share memories of the one we love who has died. Or maybe we just need reassurance that our tears, our pain, our anger, and any other feeling that we may experience in relation to our grief is okay. This group offers a way to share our thoughts, experiences and feelings in order to find guidance, direction and/or advice. Join IHH and include Angel information to be added to the Angel FB Group.

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