Governing Board

Volunteer for two year terms in which they oversee the operations of the group



Alex Howard

Vice President of Finance

Annie Mangelson

Vice President of Communications

Tammy Alsup

Vice President of Public Relations

Governing Board



Vice President of Marketing

Aubrey Scharman

Vice President of Member Services


Angel Liaison

Madelyn Smith

Adult Liaison

Executive Board

Ensure continuity in the group and share their wisdom and experience over the years of running the group.

Melissa Andrew

Executive Director

Christina Davis

Executive Director

Stephanie Ellinger

Executive Director

Mike Patton

Executive Director

Intermountain Healing Hearts began in 2007 when twelve families of children with congenital heart defects met at Primary Children's Medical Center.  Recognizing the value of having support from other people going through similar experiences, these families began the process of creating a non-profit organization to benefit those touched by Congenital Heart Defects. 

The first year was full of social gatherings and all the legalities involved with forming the organization, but over the years IHH has evolved to be so much more. It has become a very special community of friendships forged at some of the most difficult times in people's lives. In the IHH Facebook Group members can ask questions, share victories, and talk about struggles in a safe and loving environment.  Members can also put faces with names by attending the IHH activities throughout the year. Nothing brings hope like watching a group of kids run and play and not being able to pick out who has a special heart or who is heart healthy.

IHH is a non-profit organization run by volunteers. It is in no way affiliated with Intermountain Health Care or any other medical organization.  The Executive Board includes some of the first families to start IHH. They ensure continuity in the group and share their wisdom and experience over the years of running the group.

The Governing Board serve two year terms and consists of the Executive Board nominated positions of President and Vice President of Finance, and the elected positions of Vice President of Member Services, Vice President of Communications, Vice President of Marketing, Adult Liaison, and Angel Liaison. They oversee the operations of the group and also appoint Event Committees to help with activities.

Each member of both boards personally understands the issues that face members as each have had a loved one of their own diagnosed with a CHD(s).