IHH Family Grant

Intermountain Healing Hearts (IHH) provides support for families of children and adults with congenital heart defects and childhood onset heart disease. In addition to the emotional and physical support provided by the organization, the IHH Family Heart Grant offers financial support to assist families with some of the monetary challenges associated with heart disease. Grants are for those seeking monetary aid for medical services received from September 1st, of the previous year to August 31st, of the application year.

Qualifications: In order to qualify for an IHH Family Heart Grant applicants must:

  • Be a registered member of Intermountain Healing Hearts whose primary or secondary care cardiologist is a doctor at Primary Children’s Hospital, the University of Utah Hospital, or Intermountain Medical Center.
  • Have a congenital heart defect or childhood onset heart disease documented by a letter from a cardiologist or other inpatient attending physician.
  •  Meet the family income guidelines as specified on the financial eligibility chart in this application. You must submit the first page of your most recently filed income tax return. 
  • If applying for your child, the child must live with you 51% of the time or more and be listed as a dependent on your most recently filed IRS 1040. If the child is not listed on your most recently filed IRS 1040, then we need a copy of both yours and the 1040 on which the child is listed as a dependent. For infant children not yet reported on income tax returns, a birth certificate must be provided.
  • Have a specific need for the funds. These grants are to assist with heart related needs that you have incurred during the grant period, even if the amounts are not considered outstanding debts and have already been paid in full by you, including but not limited to:
    • Heart related medical services. Must submit documentation.
    • Special medical services secondary to heart related conditions including but not limited to feeding and physical therapies. Must submit documentation.
    • Travel outside of Utah to receive medical services. If flying to another state – please submit copy of airplane ticket showing the cost of airfare. The letter from the cardiologist must include the need for the patient to receive services outside of the State of Utah.
    • Funeral related expenses for heart patient.
    • Other appropriate medical needs.

This grant is not meant to be used to pay for experimental treatments, dental treatment, insurance premiums, electronics, or other non-heart related medical treatments as funding is limited. Only one application per family, per year. Preference will be given to families who have not previously received a grant award, though it does not prevent families from applying and receiving grant monies again as we recognize situations are ever changing.

Applications will be reviewed by an advisory panel appointed by Intermountain Healing Hearts. Payment for requested services must have been provided by a trained, and if appropriate, licensed professional.

Financial need of the applicant will be evaluated by submission of a photocopy of the first page of the most recently filed Federal tax return (Internal Revenue Service 1040, 1040-A, or 1040- EZ). Social Security Numbers should be blacked out by the submitter. The following scale will be used to determine financial eligibility: IHH members, please see email with grant application for this chart.

To apply for the IHH Family Heart Grant, please submit all of the following in ONE email:

  • Completed Application Form.
  • A one page letter from your cardiologist or other inpatient attending physician (from the above listed hospitals) listing the diagnosis of the patient with a congenital heart defect or childhood onset heart disease. If applying for funds to use for out of state travel, the letter from the cardiologist MUST state the need.
  • A copy of the first page of the most recently filed federal tax return. Social Security Numbers should be blacked out by the submitter. A birth certificate must also be provided for qualifying infants born after January 1, of the application year if they are not included on the tax return.
  • Additional documentation, such as medical bills, receipts, airline tickets, etc., regarding the planned use of funds.

Applications are due by October 31, of the application year and are required to be submitted electronically to Grant@ihhearts.org. Please gather all documentation and submit all together in ONE email (including medical letter from the cardiologist). Grants will be awarded by a grant review committee. Grants will be distributed by check to the applicant before November 30, of the application year. Grant submission will remain confidential and receive a grant identification number. Applicant’s identity will remain anonymous to the grant review committee.