Members Only Section

Intermountain Healing Hearts has over 1,200 members who, just like you, have had to sit in the "bad news" room at Primary Children's Medical Center (or other hospitals) and been told that they or their child has a very special heart. Some were diagnosed in-utero, others shortly after birth or even as an older child or adult.  We know what it's like to spend weeks or months in the hospital, and the challenge of bringing a child home on medications, feeding tubes and oxygen.

You are not alone in this Heart journey.  We "get" you and want you to know that whatever you or your child's struggles, Intermountain Healing Hearts is a safe place to talk about your fears, concerns, ask for advice, and be understood.  Members of IHH have or have children with one (and often more) of the 35 known CHDs including:  VSD, ASD, HLHS, HRHS, CoArc, Tetrollogy of Fallot, Tricuspid Atresia, Heterotaxy, Heart transplant, cardiomyopathy, DORV, TGA, etc. and a combination thereof.