IHH Event Cancellation Policy

Hello IHH members,

When we have people register but not come to events that are free to the membership, Intermountain Healing Hearts still has to pay for that person as if they attended. We understand that life happens, and especially in a group like ours emergencies come up more often that we'd like. That said, we do ask that every attempt be made to contact someone to let us know that you won't make it to the event. We nearly always have a wait list of people who want to attend. In the past, no-shows of this nature have cost the organization hundreds of dollars that could have been used for other events, family grants, or group improvements.

To be clear, we are not concerned with those who have to cancel their registrations, the concern is with those who do not come to the event and have made no contact to inform us that they're not coming. 

To that end, should you no-show to an event (not attend with no contact), or if you cancel (for non-emergent reasons) less than 48 hours before the event you will be placed directly on the wait list when you register for the same/similar event in the future. We understand this might be a bit of a frustration but feel it will benefit IHH members as a whole. If you want to make sure you avoid this, please familiarize yourself with the contact information of any one of our board members who would be happy to pass on any cancellation message if necessary. Contact information can be found here.

Again, we understand emergencies happen and are unfortunately more common than not in this type of group, when those emergencies come up, simply contact someone as soon as you can (even if it is after the event) and this policy will not apply to you.

Thank you for your understanding,

IHH Governing and Executive Boards